Coach Rich Daniels

 Background and Experience

  • Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • Member of the College Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association (CSCCA)
  • Handled the Strength and conditioning prep for MMA and BJJ Fighters for Art of Fighting, Grapplers Quest, Naga, FGL, Copa, Abu Dhabi Pro Trials, Fight Time Promotions, American Battle Championship, Championship Fighting Alliance, Absolute Fighting Championship, and Mixed Fighting Alliance
  • Handled Nutrition and contest prep for athletes competing in WPO, NPC Bodybuilding, AAPF Powerlifting, WABDL Powerlifting, WNPF Powerlifting, APA Powerlifting
  • 2 time Florida state deadlift record holder (Current record holder) 520lbs @ 165 bodyweight
  •  Multi bench press champion 465lbs @ 181 bodyweight (Former National record holder)
  •  Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Fighter (NO GI)
  •  Fitness physique model
  •  Motivational speaker
  •  Certified Personal Trainer
  •  Self defense instructor
  •  Writer for MMA Sports Magazine
  •  RPS RAW bench press state record holder PRO Masters 341@198 bodyweight (current state record holder)


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2017 RPS Redemption Powerlifting- 1st Place (Current State record holder)

2013 Miami Jungle Cup- 8th place out of 64 teams

2006 Summer Slam Jiu-Jitsu   (semi finals)

2006 NAGA  Grappling Championships -1st place

2005 NAGA Grappling Challenge-1st place

2004 Grapplers Quest- 3rd Place

2003 NAGA Miami championship -(semi finals)

2005 Orlando Barbell Spring bench press-1st Place 

Iron works bench press-1st place

2003 WABDL Florida state deadlift-1st place (Current State record holder)

2004 WABDL Florida state deadlift -1st place (Current State record holder)

2nd annual Barbender classic bench press -3rd place

Amelia island deadlift -1st place

APA bench press championships - 2nd place

APA Gulf coast bench press - 1st place

APA Thunder bay bench press - 3rd place

Barbender classic bench press - 3rd place

King of the bench - 3rd place

Seffner county raw bench press - 1st place

South Florida bench blast -1st place

South Florida spring bench blast -1st place


Ranked by "American Powerlifting Association" in the top 20

Ranked  on the HIGHEST ALL-TIME 165lb deadlifts

Ranked by "Monster Muscle magazine" in the top 10

Ranked by "Powerlifting USA" in the top 100

Chosen To Be The "Athlete Of The Month" (June2005) For Lift For Life.Com (click for details)

Tear sheets:

Training routine "No limit" Workout for martial arts published in 2008 "MMA Sports Magazine"

Core and Punching Power article published in 2008 "MMA Sports Magazine"

Strength and Conditioning article published in 2008 "MMA Sports Magazine"

Profile published in 2007 "Men's Workout Magazine"

Nutrition article published in 2007 "MMA Sports Magazine"

Strength and Conditioning article published in 2007 "MMA Sports Magazine"

Featured in promotional ad for 2006 "Muscle Mania / Model Universe" 

Bench Press routine published in 2005 "Monster Muscle Magazine"