Strength and conditioning

  My Strength and conditioning program combines strength and cardiovascular exercises to achieve total body training.  Classes are designed for all fitness levels with high and low impact adaptations to all exercises so everyone has a challenging workout.  This type of training goes way beyond the one-dimensional exercises familiar to most people. Training is never boring!  You can expect to go through a variety of exercises including :

  •  Cardio training (sprints)
  •  Core conditioning
  •  Circuit training
  •  Balance and stability training
  •  Weight training
  •  Speed and agility training
  •  Body weight exercises (push ups, pull ups, dips)
  •  Sandbag training (50lb & 100lb bags
  •  TRX
  •  Several size tires for flipping
  •  Kettlebells
  •  Ropes
  •  Gymnastic rings
  •  and so much more...

                                      ***CLASSES CAN BE DONE ONE-ON-ONE OR AS A GROUP***

" A great way to improve fitness, lose weight, increase endurance, increase strength and have fun!"


        67 year old Daniels does PVC french press and d/b bench press circuit  




TRX crunches and rows (part of a long circuit)

Extreme Fitness Bootcamp (American Top Team, Weston)

                                  Circuit of get-ups with kettlebells and chains and pull ups   

                                        TRX knees in, push-ups, and iso holds

                                    Sled drags and timed push ups (part of a circuit)

Gymnastic ring push ups on swiss ball

Working the mitts




                                                 Sprints, Dips, and Curls (all part of a tough bootcamp)

                                                                            Floor press with chains

                                                              Good Job!!     Sled pulls during circuit


                                                        Circuit of hammer curls and sled pull through sand

                                                                          Reverse mini band press

                                 Side to side hurdles                  Ground pound circuit                       Uphill lunge

                                                                              Leg raise with chain

                           Tough sled pulls on beach               Circuit curls                       100lb sandbag sprint

                                     Non-stop pullups for time                                        50lb sandbag up hill

                                                      Tricep bar 1 board, squats w/ bands, bench press

                                                                            D/B snatches (circuit)                                                       

                                       Tabata push ups                                             Sandbag presses (circuit)

                            10 yr old shows how it's done                 Ground pound                     Good job!

                                          Thrusters, D/B bench press, and Plyo jumps (part of bootcamp) 

                                                                  Clapping push ups with weight vest

                                Swiss ball bench (circuit)                                          Curls after sandbag sprint

                                        Sandbag curls (circuit)                                         Gymnastic ring dips

                                                          Sandbag good mornings (zercher grip)

                                               Jump rope, ground pound (part of a long outdoor circuit)

                            Grinding out another set                       MMA row                            Flex band circuit

                           Heading back down for more pull ups                  End of a good workout..Good job!!

                                               Circuit of heavy bag, ground pound, and med ball abs

                                                      Dumbbell floor press (with mini bands)



                              Circuit of sparring, core strength with wheel and boxing combo's on heavy bag

                                   Weight vest pull ups                                       Weight vest push ups

                                                                                     Log flips

                           Weight vest sprints up hill with sand bag                  Dumbbell shoulder press  

                                                   Circuit of barbell snatches and cage conditioning

                                                                         Circuit jump rope

                                  Chess press for time                                          100lb sandbag carry

                             Push ups for time (after log flip)                               Dumbbell floor press

                                        Dumbbell snatch                                                    MMA row

                                      Plantation Fire dept.                                                  Heavy sled pulls

Bag ups for reps (core strength)

                      Hard at work!!                                    


                                                               Heavy squats with bands on a low box

"Fitness Bootcamp ELITE members"

**Classes are beginner to advanced

**Classes are one hour